Decking Care and Maintenance



Gripsure’s anti-slip timber decking is very low maintenance. However, any garden decking will benefit from regular brushing with a good stiff broom. We recommend pressure washing your decking once a year to remove any build up of dirt or algae. This will also refresh your boards’ appearance, removing any discolouration.

Your garden decking will undergo physical wear and tear over time. To minimise damage, we recommend using rubber feet for any deck furniture. In addition, any planters, tubs or plant pots should be raised on blocks to allow air circulation and avoid mould growth. We also recommend using metal or plastic trays to catch and retain any excess liquid when watering plants.


Because timber is a natural material the colour will eventually fade to an attractive silvery grey. Some people are happy with this look, while prefer to restore the original colour of the boards. This can be safely achieved with paints, oils and stains without compromising the performance of your non-slip decking.


Timber is a natural product. That means your decking may well have characteristics typical of the high-quality grade timber we use, such as knots, shakes and deflection. These are all entirely normal.

As your non-slip decking boards weather, small cracks are likely to appear on the surface. These are caused by the intermittent wetting and drying of the wood. This is also quite normal and does not affect the structural integrity of the deck.

We carefully check the quality of every single Gripsure decking board, once before manufacture and then once again afterwards. This ensures you are getting the high quality product you expect from the UK’s leading supplier of non-slip decking.